Neuromodulator Injections

Neuromodulator injections are used to reduce the contraction and movement of facial muscles, resulting in softer lines and reduced wrinkles.

Neuromodulator injections, better known as BotoxTM Cosmetic, Dysport, Xeomin and Nuceiva, are prescription medications used to treat different areas for medical and cosmetic reasons.

Preventative treatment can also be done to avoid expressive wrinkles from forming.

Neuromodulator injections are administered by our experienced Registered Nurse who believes in offering natural and effective results.

Procedure time:

15 - 20 minutes

Recovery time:


Pain level:



Within 2 weeks (individual results may vary)


Typically 3 - 4 months

Commonly treated areas:

  • Horizontal forehead lines
    Crow’s feet (creasing around the eyes)
    Frown lines (creasing in between the eyebrows)
    Gummy smile, excessive gum show
    Lip lines
    Chin dimpling
    Teeth grinding & jaw clenching


$10 per unit

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